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 Priyanshi Shah


may 28, 2024

Reasons to obsess with The Idea of You

Feel the butterflies in your stomach with Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine's electrifying chemistry, making every scene so beautiful 

Sizzling Chemistry

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Amidst the rom-com scenes, these melodic and catchy tunes make the scenes more romantic and emotional, adding depth to the story

Melodic tunes

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See love breaking all the boundaries as Solene and Hayes show their unconditional love, amidst the people’s judgements of age gap

Breaking stereotypes

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Explore the themes of love, fame, and personal growth, challenging societal norms and perceptions

Strong themes

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Both the stars have been absolutely amazing with the portrayal of their characters, making them relatable 

Perfect portrayal

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The duo keeps the spark alive while going on a romantic adventure together, and creating heartfelt moments

Romantic adventure

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Feel-good movies never disappoint, so watching The Idea of You will lift your spirits, and remind you of the actual beauty of love


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The duo teaches us no matter how much time they were apart but their promise to reunite brings them back together

Stay to the promises

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The movie has is surely one of the best casting and every character has perfectly portrayed their role in the best way


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The rom-com vibes are back! So what are you waiting for? Watch the movie Now!


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