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Vedangi Joshi

jan 18, 2023


Image Credit: tvN

Doom at Your Service

It is the story of a woman who wishes for the world to end and comes across ‘doom’ who lives with her through her last 100 days

A tale of teenagers who are facing difficulties in their lives and suddenly come across a magician living in an abandoned park 

The Sound of Magic 

Image Credit: Netflix

Popular soloist K-pop group idols

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s beautiful face

Image Credit: SBS 

A Korean emperor who has to find a way to close the door to a parallel world meets a detective who protects the people from the uprising danger

The King: Eternal Monarch

 Image Credit : JTBC

It is about a magical bar which opens at night to help people to solve their problems by looking into their dreams 

 Mystic Pop-up Bar

Image Credit: tvN

The dark fantasy drama starring Song Ji Hyo, Nam Ji Hyun, and Chae Jong Hyeop is a must watch 

The Witch's Diner 

Image Credit: MBC

Extraordinary You 

The story revolves around a girl who finds out that she is a character from a comic and decides to change her fate by searching for the love of her life 

A tale of a mystical land called Arth in the ancient city of Arthdal and of the people living there with their struggles

 Arthdal Chronicles 

Image Credit: tvN

Image Credit: KBS2 

The story of an angel is who has to complete a difficult task in order to return to heaven but ends up creating trouble for himself 

Angel's Last Mission: Love

Image Credit: tvN

Ghost Doctor

One of the best recently released fantasy dramas starring Rain, Kim Bum, UEE and Son Na Eun 

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