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Pujya Doss

FEBRUARY 07, 2024


Romcom K-dramas to binge with your partner 

A sweet rom-com exploring self-love and acceptance as a college student undergoes plastic surgery

Image:  JTBC.

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Workplace romance unfolds as a narcissistic CEO realizes his feelings for his capable secretary. A delightful mix of humor and heart

Image:  tvN.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

A heartwarming tale of young love and personal growth set against the backdrop of a sports university. A fun and uplifting watch

Image:  MBC.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

A unique blend of romance and comedy as a strong young woman becomes a bodyguard for a CEO, leading to unexpected love

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

Image:  JTBC.

Art curator by day, K-pop fangirl by night – a charming rom-com exploring the secret life of a devoted fan

Her Private Life

Image:  tvN.

You're Beautiful

Image:  SBS.

Hilarious mishaps unfold when a girl poses as her twin brother to join a boy band. A classic gender-bending romantic comedy

A high school rom-com where an academically challenged girl's life turns upside down when she crosses paths with an arrogant but charming genius

Playful Kiss

Image:  MBC.

A supernatural rom-com featuring a woman who can see ghosts and the CEO who helps her find solace

The Master's Sun

Image:  SBS.

A modern-day Cinderella story where a young woman finds herself living with three wealthy cousins. Romance and familial bonds intertwine

Cinderella and Four Knights

Image:  tvN.

An amnesiac chaebol heir experiences life and love in a humble neighborhood. Quirky and heartwarming with a focus on personal rediscovery

Shopping King Louie

Image:  MBC


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