Samantha & Naga

Chaitanya's love story

July 29, 2021

First Meet

Their first meet was at the sets of their 2009 hit Telugu film Ye Maaya Chesave

Though the chemistry on screen itself sparked the rumours, they were dating different individuals at that time

Love Blossom

It was at the sets of Autonagar Surya in 2014 when the couple started to hang out with each other more and things started to build between the two

2015 saw the adorable couple’s Twitter flirting and the Internet broke with all possible speculations on their relationship

With a strong and busy career to focus on, the couple took 8 years to confess their feelings

Love Confession

The couple confessed they were dating in 2016 and were spotted together at several events and theatres

Got Hitched

Sam and Chay got engaged on January 29, 2017 at the N-Convention Centre in Hyderabad with just close friends and family

Their fairytale wedding was as grand as it could be and the couple were at their happiest best selves

Dreamy Wedding

The couple took vows in two different ceremonies, one a traditional Hindu wedding and the second a Christian wedding respecting both of their routes

Their grand two-day affair in Goa got the whole of India gushing over them and the couple were given the celebrity couple name of ‘ChaySam’ by the netizens

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