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The Sandman: Interesting Facts 

Surabhi Redkar

AUGUST 06, 2022


Image: Netflix 

The Sandman has been known to be one of the darkest comic book series written by Neil Gaiman which was considered the most difficult to adapt till now

Dark Comic Books

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The series protagonist is Morpheus, the King of Dreams and on the Netflix show, the character has been portrayed by actor Tom Sturridge


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In The Sandman's first season, Dream is captured by a group of occultists in 1916. In the books, the story is covered in Volume 1


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Sandman creator Neil Gaiman had to tell lead star Tom Sturridge to stop doing 'the Batman voice' when he first began playing Morpheus

Batman Voice

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Tom Sturridge called bagging the lead role in Sandman an "astonishing moment" after an extraordinarily long audition process that began in early 2020


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The show features Tom Sturridge's lead spanning different centuries and the actor revealed his favourite look for the character was his long hairstyle from the late 1600s

Morpheus Look

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In a recent interview with IndieWire, Neil Gaiman spoke about the show's production design and said, "You would be amazed at how much of it is not CGI."


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Game of Thrones fame Gwendoline Christie said she was "flattered and excited" to step into the role of Lucifer during her interview with Den of Geek

Lucifer Morningstar

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First published by DC Comics in 1989, The Sandman has been known to have been one of the most imaginative books

DC Comics 

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Before finalising on Tom Sturridge, the Sandman team had auditioned 200 actors for the Netflix project

Lead Role

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