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Nikita Vishwakarma


January 26, 2024

Selena Gomez Best songs

The 2011 track that she dropped with her previous band, titled Selena Gomez & the Scene, may be repetitive, but it's undeniably catchy. The straightforward lyrics, set against a danceable electro-pop backdrop, make it impossible not to join in and sing along.

Love You Like A Love Song

Image: Selena Gomez Instagram

Expressing frustration with a repetitive and unfulfilling love, Gomez croons amidst emphatic keys and whistling synths in the track "Same Old Love”

Image: Selena Gomez Instagram

Same Old Love

"Come & Get It" is a captivating and lively track featuring a prominent tabla beat. Featured on her 2013 solo debut, this song takes a different direction from the rest of her body of work, but it remains an indisputable hit nonetheless

Come & Get It

Image: Selena Gomez Instagram

In the Afrobeats track "Calm Down," robust beats seamlessly blend with serene strings and inviting vocals, creating a dreamy musical landscape. Initially featured on Nigerian artist Rema's 2022 debut album, "Rave & Roses," Selena Gomez later collaborated with him for a remix

“Calm Down” with Rema

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The track "The Heart Wants What It Wants" exposes the singer's emotional vulnerability. Reflecting the peaks and valleys of her tumultuous on-and-off relationship with fellow pop star Justin Bieber

The Heart Wants What It Wants

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"Hands To Myself" is Selena's favourite track from the 2015 album, Revival. This synth-pop single showcases her distinct vocal range, seamlessly transitioning from breathless to authoritative within the same verse

Hands To Myself

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"Slow Down" represented a clear evolution in her career. With lyrics such as "You know I’m good with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation," injecting an element of surprise, Gomez appeared to distance herself from the Disney Channel child star image that fans had grown accustomed to

Slow Down

Image: Selena Gomez Instagram

Derived from her second album, Revival, released in 2015, "Good For You" is a captivating, rhythm-infused ballad brimming with intensity and self-assurance

“Good For You” feat. ASAP Rocky

Image: Selena Gomez Instagram

Lose You to Love Me

Image: Selena Gomez Instagram

The lead single from her 2019 album, Rare, "Lose You To Love Me," is a profoundly personal track that explores the theme of self-discovery following a tumultuous relationship

Created for her documentary released in 2022, sharing the same title, which chronicles Gomez's six-year journey grappling with lupus, kidney failure, and depression, "My Mind & Me" stands out as one of the most intimate songs in her repertoire

My Mind & Me

Image: Selena Gomez Instagram

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