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Ayushi Agrawal

Nov 29, 2022


Often seen playing a negative role, he is definitely an undiscovered gem.

Kwak Si Yang

Image: News1

Image: News1

Lee Min Ki

His ability to take on meaningful roles that bring out his best sides need more people cheering for him.

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Recent years have seen a rise in his popularity but it is not nearly enough.

Kim Min Kyu

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With a myriad of roles in his discography, he has definitely impressed us with his picks.

Kim Young Kwang

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Having earned the audience’s favour with his recent roles, we look forward to his next.

Lee Ki Woo

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His eyes and jawline are just as sharp as his skills!

Lee Soo Hyuk

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Kim Ji Seok

You will find him pulling off very complex roles with ease and that’s his charm.

His many varied characters have seen him pulling off some very unique plots.

Ha Seok Jin

Image: News1

Image: News1

The bad guy or the ideal son-in-law, he can be all of them.

Lee Sang Yeob

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At such a young age, he is rising up the popularity ladder with his many roles.

Bae In Hyuk

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