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Super underrated Korean actresses

Ayushi Agrawal

DEC 04, 2022


All the attention that she received for Crash Landing on You deserves to be carried on to her other roles.

Seo Ji Hye

Image: News1

Image: News1

Lee Da Hee

Her beauty is unmatched and at the same time we wish to see her receive even more love for her acting.

Image: News1

She has taken on some very meaningful roles even very early on in her career, giving her many chances to explore.

Go Min Si

Image: News1

While often being seen in negative roles, it is her sheer dedication to them that needs appreciation.

Kang Han Na

Image: News1

The honest friend to have or the truest rival to exist, she can pull off young characters with ease.

Park Yoo Na

Image: News1

You may have seen her ace her unique roles and we cannot commend her enough for them.

Kim Seul Gi

Image: News1

Kim Seo Hyung

Her presence carries a demanding aura that we’ve come to admire.

Over times, she has grown to become an actor we look forward to seeing on screen.

Chae Soo Bin

Image: News1

Image: News1

Varied roles and portrtayals under her belt, we are excited to see where her next takes her.

Park Ju Hyun

Image: News1

It is a wonder how she offers a different side of herself on screen each time.

Kang Min Ah

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