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Sushmita Sen’s

rigorous workout

Prerna Verma

SEPT 18, 2022


Image: Sushmita Sen Instagram

That stretch

Look at Sushmita stretching her legs like a pro. She is standing in front of a mirror with one leg stretched with the support of the wall

Image: Sushmita Sen Instagram

Sexy back!

So many of us wish to have those cuts and muscles! Sushmita flaunts her back as she does a back workout

Video: Sushmita Sen Instagram

Core strength

Sushmita’s strength still remains intact. Look at her balance her entire body upside down

Video: Sushmita Sen Instagram

Balanced act

Sushmita takes Rohman’s support and stands on his legs to hold a difficult pose. This again proves the strength the actress has

Image: Sushmita Sen Instagram

Body balance on toes

Sushmita holds her entire body on one toe and can be seen doing this difficult pose effortlessly

Video: Sushmita Sen Instagram

The effortless plank

Sushmita makes a workout look easy and effortless

Video: Sushmita Sen Instagram

Hard work in the gym

We bet this workout video of Sushmita will surely make you want to hit the gym

Video: Sushmita Sen Instagram

Sushmita gets that perfect peak as she does the mountain pose

Mountain pose

Video: Sushmita Sen Instagram

Dancing with daughters

They say dancing is one of the best ways to workout and what can be better than dancing with your daughters

Video: Sushmita Sen Instagram


It is not just your body that needs exercise but your mind and brain too and that can be achieved by Yoga

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