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 Tall Korean actresses

Vedangi Joshi

feb 25, 2023


Image Credit: Lee Sung Kyung’s Instagram 

 Lee Sung Kyung 

Lee Sung Kyung is an incredible actress and has an impressive height of 175 cm

Actress Lee Da Hee is known for playing strong, independent, and bold female roles and her height adds to the edge of her characters at 175 cm   

Lee Da Hee 

 Image Credit: Lee Da-hee’s Instagram

K-pop stars who are related 

Male K-pop stars with their pets

Image Credit: Choi Jiwoo’s Instagram

A popular actress in the South Korean industry with worldwide fame, Choi Jiwoo stands tall at 174 cm

Choi Jiwoo

Image Credit: IEUM HASHTAG

Jun Ji Hyun is a model and actress known for dramas like My Love from the Star, The Legend of the Blue Sea, Mount Jiri, Kingdom etc, she is 173 cm tall 

 Jun Ji Hyun 

Image Credit: Han Hyo Joo’s Instagram

Han Hyo Joo carries herself elegantly with an admirable height of 172 cm 

Han Hyo Joo 

Image Credit: Gong Hyo Jin’s Instagram

Gong Hyo Jin 

Gong Hyo Jin has played many incredible characters in multiple K-dramas and has a height of 172 cm 

Choi Soo Young is a K-pop star and an actor who stands 172 cm tall 

Choi Soo Young 

 Image Credit: Choi Soo Young’s Instagram

 Image Credit: VAST Entertainment

Lee Yeon Hee 

Lee Yeon Hee is a South Korean actress most known for her work in shows like East of Eden, Phantom, Miss Korea, and The Package, with a height of 172 cm

Image Credit: Shin Hye Sun

Shin Hye Sun is a South Korean actress known for her beautiful and adorable looks with a height of 172 cm 

Shin Hye Sun

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