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may 25, 2024


Top 10 K-dramas Set in the Workplace

Pujya Doss

Image: SBS

Business Proposal 

A blind date that goes wrong turns into a fake dating contract between an employee and her CEO. A hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedy with a strong female lead

A super-strong woman is hired as a bodyguard for a CEO, and they fall in love despite their different backgrounds. A unique and charming romantic comedy with action, comedy, and romance all rolled into one

Image: JTBC

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 

A perfect secretary suddenly quits her job after nine years, leaving her CEO boss confused and determined to win her back. A sweet and romantic comedy with a swoon-worthy male lead

Image:  tvN

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim 

A former prosecutor and a rookie prosecutor team up to solve a murder case and find true love. A thrilling and suspenseful romantic comedy with a hint of mystery.

Image: SBS

Suspicious Partner 

A former copywriter returns to the workforce after 15 years, and she gets a job at the publishing company where her ex-boyfriend is the editor-in-chief. 

Image: tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book 

A chief curator at an art museum secretly runs a fan site for an idol, and she falls in love with the idol's manager. A fun and lighthearted romantic comedy with a unique premise.

Image: tvN

Her Private Life

This drama explores the lives of career-driven women working in the tech industry as they balance ambition and romance

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Image: tvN

A magazine editor and a home developer clash over their differing views on housing while discovering an unexpected connection

Image: JTBC

Monthly Magazine Home

Two young entrepreneurs with big dreams and passionate hearts face challenges and setbacks as they strive to succeed in the start-up world


Image: tvN

A fallen top actress goes undercover as a secretary to a prickly lawyer, leading to an unexpected office romance

Touch Your Heart

Image: tvN


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