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Pujya Doss

may 29, 2024


Top 10 K-dramas to watch when you feel nothing is right

Prepare for hilarious and heartwarming moments as four friends chase dreams, love, and life

Image:  KBS2

Fight For My Way

Laugh as a formerly unattractive woman reunites with her crush, leading to amusing antics

Image:  MBC 

She Was Pretty

Get ready for non-stop laughter as three friends manage a failing guesthouse amidst funny mishaps

Welcome to Waikiki

Image:  JTBC

Dive into hilarious sitcom-style drama following a quirky cartoonist and his eccentric family's misadventures

The Sound of Your Heart

Image:  Netflix 

Enjoy a heartwarming journey of friends navigating love, friendship, and adulthood. 

My First First Love

Image:  Netflix

Laugh until your sides hurt with the trio returning for chaotic adventures

Go Go Waikiki 2

Image:  JTBC 

Feel-good romance as a struggling author and editor rediscover love unexpectedly 

Romance Is a Bonus Book

Image:  tvN 

Laugh along with behind-the-scenes antics of a variety show team handling scandals and office politics

The Producers

Image:  KBS2 

Enjoy comedic romance as a fangirl juggles obsession and professional life

Her Private Life

Image:  tvN 

Laugh and cry with quirky characters navigating modern romance, marriage, and career challenges

Because This Is My First Life

Image:  tvN


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