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Pujya Doss

may 25, 2024


Top 10 K-pop Pool Party Anthems

This summery track is perfect for getting everyone in a festive mood with its catchy beat and fun vibes

Image: Starship Entertainment

Sistar by Touch My Body: 

A lively and infectious song that will have everyone dancing and shaking it by the pool

Image: Starship Entertainment

Shake It by SISTAR: 

A cheerful and upbeat track that feels like a perfect summer holiday

Holiday by Girls' Generation: 

Image: SM Entertainment

A tropical and groovy tune that brings a laid-back island vibe to your pool party

Kokobop by EXO:

Image: SM Entertainment

A smooth and cool track that's perfect for chilling by the pool with friends

View by SHINee: 

Image: SM Entertainment

An upbeat and refreshing song that captures the essence of a sunny summer day

Sunny Summer by GFRIEND: 

Image: Source Music

This bubbly and fun track will have everyone in a happy mood, perfect for a poolside bash

Likey by TWICE: 

Image: JYP Entertainment

A captivating song with a catchy beat that's perfect for diving into the pool and having fun

Love Dive by IVE: 

Image: Starship Entertainment

A breezy and feel-good track that will make you want to relax and enjoy the summer sun

Rooftop by N.Flying: 

Image: FNC Entertainment

A joyful and vibrant song that's perfect for celebrating summer with a pool party

Holiday Party by Weeekly: 

Image: Play M Entertainment


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