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may 15, 2024


Top 10 K-pop songs to fix your summers

Pujya Doss


Dynamite by BTS:

This upbeat track radiates summer vibes, with catchy melodies and infectious energy that will instantly lift your spirits

With its sunny beats and carefree lyrics, Holiday embodies the essence of a perfect summer getaway, making it a must-have for your playlist

Image: SM Entertainment

Holiday by Girls' Generation:

A refreshing blend of pop and EDM, In Love captures the cool breeze of summer nights, perfect for unwinding after a long day

Image: Play M Entertainment

In Love by VICTON: 

This tropical-infused track transports you to a beach paradise, evoking feelings of relaxation and warmth under the setting sun

Image: OUI Entertainment

Sunset by Kim Dong Han: 

This upbeat track encapsulates the essence of a dreamy summer night, with its catchy melody and romantic lyrics, evoking feelings of warmth and nostalgia

Image: Fantagio

Dream Night by ASTRO:

With its dynamic beats and oceanic imagery, Wave brings the excitement of riding waves, infusing your summer days with energy and adventure

Image: KQ Entertainment

Wave by ATEEZ: 

This song captures the essence of a vibrant summer day, filled with bright colors and youthful energy, perfect for embracing the season

Summer 127 by NCT 127: 

Image: SM Entertainment

With its catchy reggae-inspired rhythm and laid-back vibes, Kokobop transports you to a carefree summer paradise, where worries melt away

Image: SM Entertainment

Kokobop by EXO:

This infectious song exudes summer fun, with its catchy chorus and playful energy that will have you dancing along in no time

Bboom Bboom by MOMOLAND: 

Image: MLD Entertainment

A breezy and uplifting track, Shine radiates positivity and warmth, perfect for brightening up your summer days with its infectious melody

Shine by PENTAGON: 

Image: Cube Entertainment


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