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june 17, 2024


Top 10 K-pop Songs to Light Up Your Day

An upbeat anthem with catchy melodies and feel-good lyrics that radiate positivity, guaranteed to lift your spirits and get you dancing


Dynamite by BTS: 

A cheerful pop song filled with infectious energy, perfect for boosting your mood and bringing a smile to your face

Image: CJ E&M

Very Very Very by I.O.I: 

A vibrant track featuring playful lyrics and an addictive chorus, sure to brighten your day with its lively beat and youthful charm

Image: Cube Entertainment

Shine by Pentagon:

A lively and addictive song with a catchy chorus and upbeat rhythm that will instantly uplift your mood and fill you with joy

Bboom Bboom by MOMOLAND: 

Image: MLD Entertainment

A fun and catchy tune with an infectious chorus that encourages you to stay positive and keep smiling, perfect for brightening any day

Cheer Up by TWICE: 

Image: JYP Entertainment

A cheerful and upbeat song that exudes joy and positivity, with catchy melodies and playful vocals that will leave you feeling happy and energized

Happiness by Red Velvet: 

Image: SM Entertainment

A feel-good anthem with an addictive melody and heartwarming lyrics, guaranteed to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face with its infectious charm

Love Scenario by iKON: 

Image: YG Entertainment

A cheerful and upbeat track with a bright and energetic sound, perfect for bringing some sunshine into your day and putting a spring in your step


Image: Pledis Entertainment

A bold and empowering song with an infectious beat and confident lyrics, inspiring listeners to embrace their uniqueness and shine brightly

Dalla Dalla by ITZY: 

Image: JYP Entertainment

A stylish and upbeat track with catchy hooks and a chic vibe, guaranteed to lift your mood and make you feel fabulous with its infectious energy

Fancy by TWICE: 

Image: JYP Entertainment


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