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june 08, 2024


Top 10 Must-Watch K-dramas for Newcomers

Pujya Doss

This is a lighthearted drama that makes it perfect for beginners with a mix of romance, action, and emotions. It is a love story between a soldier and a doctor

Image: KBS2

Descendants of the Sun

With a unique blend of romance, fantasy, and comedy this drama revolves around an alien who's been on Earth for 400 years and his relationship with an actress

Image: SBS TV

My Love from the Star

This drama gives a light-hearted and entertaining experience with a deadly combination of romance and comedy with a superhero touch. It revolves around a young woman with superpowers

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Image: JTBC

It is a funny, romantic, and engaging drama that revolves around narcissistic CEO and his secretary who works with him for many years. It is an office romance filled with humor

Image: tvN

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

This is a cross-border romance drama that got popular because of its strong character development. The story revolves around a South Korean woman and a North Korean soldier

Crash Landing on You

Image: tvN

This drama revolves around the theme of perseverance, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. It is a lighthearted drama that showcases Korean cafe culture

Itaewon Class

Image: JTBC

This drama is sure to steal your heart with a mix of fantasy, romance, and drama. It is a visually stunning and emotionally rich drama about a goblin finding his bride

Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)

Image: tvN 

This is a heartwarming drama that takes you back to the 1980s nostalgic days. It focuses on the friendships of neighborhood families and the affection and care they share

Reply 1988

Image: tvN 

This is a fun drama about a woman who secretly admires K-pop idols being a full-time employee as a museum curator. It is a perfect mix of personal and professional passion

Her Private Life

Image: tvN 

This is a charming and relatable story of a woman who struggles to restart her career after a break with the help of her friend. It impressively balances life and relationships 

Romance is a Bonus Book

Image: tvN 


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