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Pujya Doss

june 07, 2024


Top 10 short K-dramas to binge-watch in a day 

High schooler time-travels to the Joseon era, meets king, and love blossoms. Heartwarming and witty.

Image: MBC

Splash Splash LOVE

Aspiring pianists' lives intertwine after a tragic accident. A touching story of friendship and music.

Image: KBS2

Page Turner

A magical ring boosts self-esteem and love for a young woman. Light-hearted romance with a twist.

Queen of the Ring

Image: MBC

Chaebol and vet collide, forming an unexpected connection. Sweet and fun romance.

Noble, My Love

Image: Naver TV Cast

Mysterious romance between a part-timer and a time traveler. Short, captivating, and imaginative.

The Miracle 

Image: JTBC

Office romance with a focus on career and relationships. Quirky and heartwarming.

Gogh The Starry Night

Image: Sohu TV

A webcomic artist's life gets complicated when her characters come to life. Charming fantasy and romance.

Be Positive

Image: JTBC

A love story revolving around a webtoon editor's life. Light, relatable, and heart-fluttering.

Wednesday 3:30 PM

Image: SBS Plus

A heartbroken musician finds solace and love during a trip to Jeju Island. Serene and romantic.

One Sunny Day 

Image: Line TV

Immortal woman seeks true love, encountering various relationships. Whimsical and touching.

Love for a Thousand More 

Image: Naver TV Cast


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