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july 04, 2024


Top Song Joong Ki K-dramas to watch

Pujya Doss

Captain Yoo Shi Jin, a skilled soldier, navigates love and duty in a war-torn country, offering intense action and romance amid life-threatening situations.

Image: KBS2 

Descendants of the Sun

Kang Ma Ru seeks revenge while facing love and betrayal, depicting a tale of innocence lost and redemption sought in a gripping melodrama.

Image: KBS2

The Innocent Man

Eun Seom challenges destiny in a mythical world, unraveling secrets and forging alliances in an epic saga of power, love, and survival.

Arthdal Chronicles

Image: tvN

Goo Yong Ha navigates intrigue and friendship in a historical setting, blending humor and romance in a tale of youth and rebellion.

Image: KBS2

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Chul Soo, a feral boy, learns love and humanity in a touching story of friendship and sacrifice transcending boundaries in this poignant cinematic masterpiece.

A Werewolf Boy

Image: CJ Entertainment

Yi Do confronts political intrigue and intellectual awakening amidst the creation of Hangul, Korea's alphabet, in a historical drama brimming with suspense and enlightenment.

Image: SBS

Park Ju Hyung explores life and love in this modern adaptation of the classic tale, weaving together heartwarming moments and timeless themes of sisterhood and resilience.

Little Women

Image: tvN

Ji Woong and his neighbor navigate love and finances in a quirky romantic comedy, blending humor and heart in a story of unexpected connections and personal growth.

Penny Pinching Romance 

Image: iHQ

Vincenzo Cassano, a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer, seeks justice with style and wit, offering dark humor and thrilling action in a tale of vengeance and redemption.


Image: tvN 

A bankteller discovers his life entangled with a secret agent, embarking on a comedic adventure filled with espionage, bromance, and unexpected twists.

Man to Man

Image: JTBC


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