MAY 09, 2022

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Vicky Kaushal is an Instagram expert

Classic peace sign

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Often when posing for pictures, our go-to pose is the peace sign. Well, Vicky is no different but let’s just agree, he looks insanely good while doing it!

What a poser

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Talking about poses, Vicky Kaushal knows his right angles and always gets the best pictures clicked. He is super photogenic and we absolutely love his posts

Okay, every Instagram user dreams of having that perfect candid picture. Well, when it comes to Vicky, he doesn’t have one but many such amazing candid photos

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Candid King

If you workout and don’t put up a selfie on Instagram, did you even workout? Well, it seems like Vicky knows his unspoken rule quite well

Workout Selfies

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Mirror Selfies

Taking selfies is an art and Vicky has mastered this art quite well. He is a brilliant artist who knows how to capture the perfect mirror selfie

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Who doesn’t want to see a bit of love and happiness on Instagram? Vicky shares the cutest PDA pictures with Katrina Kaif

He believes in PDA

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Vicky takes the best selfies and if you want to perfect your selfie skills, it is best you learn them through his posts!

Selfie Slayer

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Golden hour is the happy hour for Instagram. Vicky is known for his amazing sun-kissed pictures

Sun-kissed Pics

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Throwback baby pictures? Well, take our money already! Vicky loves to woo his fans with his adorable childhood photographs

Master of Throwback

Vicky Kaushal Instagram

Vicky Kaushal is a fashionista and never shies away from sharing his brilliant fashion choices on his Instagram handle and giving us all inspiration


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