sept 13, 2021

What Katrina Kaif does at home

Katrina loves to do an at-home photoshoot in her own comfort zone that is her home rather than a studio

When she is bored at home, Katrina loves to try some hair tricks and entertain the people around her at home

She loves to play Sequenceat home with her sister and her friends

And Katrina clearly hates to lose when it comes to Sequence. She is fiercely competitive and takes the board game seriously

Katrina also enjoys her time in the kitchen and loves to cook dinner for her sister and herself

Isabelle and Katrina have an eternal love towards pancakes and enjoy a sibling bonding time while they cook pancakes together

Katrina also gets some household work done as she sweeps the floors and says that it is a good form of exercise

She also like to keep her vessels spick and span as she washes them while her sister records her

During the lockdown, the actress also took a few guitar lessons at home and picked up a few tunes

And when she has absolutely nothing to do, Katrina loves taking some sun kissed selfies with her sister and partner in crime, Isabelle

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