10 Tips to reduce hair fall


Choose the right shampoo according to your scalp type. Stay away from shampoos that have sulfates, parabens and silicones

It is important to condition your hair after shampooing. Conditioners are laden with amino acids that help in nourishing and repairing hair damage

Avoid brushing your hair right after a head bath. Wet hairs should never be combed vigorously as they tend to shed easily

Don’t take multiple hair treatments at the same time. Allow your hair to breathe by giving some gap between the two treatments

Also, minimise using blow dryers, straighteners and curling rods. These styling tools suck out the moisture from your hair and make it brittle

A damaged hair is prone to hair fall. Trim your hair once every six to eight weeks to boost your hair health

Oil your hair religiously! At least once a week. It improves blood circulation and provides nourishment to the hair

Never use hot water to wash your hair. It can cause severe damage to your hair follicles. Instead, wash it with lukewarm water

A balanced diet is a real secret for attaining healthy hair. Include protein-rich foods in your diet to curb hair fall

A natural way to prevent hair fall is by taking fresh aloe vera extracts and applying it gently over your scalp and hair. Wash it after 45 minutes with normal water

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