Beauty Hacks By Chitrangada Singh

December 15, 2020

According to Chitrangada, a clean and healthy scalp is the sign of good hair. Therefore, she ensures that her shampoo does not contain any heavy chemicals

She avoids any such shampoo which causes a buildup in the scalp

For naturally beautiful hair, Chitrangada relies on a clear shampoo from Nashi

Apart from the obvious haircare products, Omega 369 capsules have also been of much help to her

To combat hair fall, she relies on hair supplements

Vitabiotics is her go-to brand supplement for hair, nail and skin care

Chitrangada swears by the multi-vitamins

Giving us a few tips on household remedies, she went on to reveal that a mix of eggs and besan is her preferred choice for an organic hair mask

Juices are her favourite recipes to boost the skin glow without much fuss

A blend of Beetroot, Amla and Carrot helped her survive a skin breakout and achieve clear skin later on

Chitrangada avoids lead-infused and chemical-enriched makeup products that are too heavy on the skin

Her recent find is this Vit C-enriched skin clarifying product by Zein Obagi

Although she is not a fan of trending makeup products, she swears by a good blush

If she’s ever stranded on an island, she would need her phone, a knife and SUNSCREEN for sure!

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