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Deepika Padukone-approved hairstyles 


Neenaz Akhtar 

JAN 14, 2023


Source: Shaleena Nathani Instagram 

Deepika is often seen adding an edge to her fierce look with a sleek, pulled-back bun

Sleek Bun 

Source: Shaleena Nathani Instagram

She does not shy away from making unconventional hairstyle choices and this twisted ponytail with a messier finish serves as proof

Ponytail With A Twist 

Deepika Padukone in white ethnic wear

Chic looks of Deepika Padukone

Source: Shaleena Nathani Instagram

Her ‘60s inspired hair messy beehive-adjacent hairdo accessorised with a statement-making hairband turns heads

Statement Accessories

Source: Deepika Padukone Instagram

A signature hairdo that the diva loves to swear by is a messy low bun. Easy to create and perfect for all hair types

Messy Low Bun

Source: Shaleena Nathani Instagram

The Pathaan actress also opts for different, quirkier versions of a braid and this gelled-up version is the perfect case in point

Gelled-up Braids

Source: Shaleena Nathani Instagram

Easy to recreate and chic, her side-parted slicked-back hairdo is perfect for every girl with short hair

Short Hairstyle

Source: Shaleena Nathani Instagram

Her pulled-back ponytail with textured ends is perfect for a second-day hairstyle

Textured Ponytail

Source: Shaleena Nathani Instagram

She opted for slicked-down short waves to keep the focus on her earrings and face

Short Waves

Source: Shaleena Nathani Instagram

Classic and always in, this rose-adorned sleek hair bun is perfect for festivities

Rose-adorned Bun

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