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June 24, 2021

When you talk about the Begum of Bollywood, it is hard to miss her signature make up look

Bebo is known for her love for classic kohl rimmed eyes and manages to rock it at every occasion

She can always double up on he drama with dramatic smokey eyes

As much as she loves drama, she’ll often find her way back to a gorgeous neutral makeup

Her cheekbones are always highlighted and that clearly adds up on enhancing her pout

She knows how to play it safe with glitter eyeshadow and this look is proof

With barely anything on her face, she often chooses for an overall coral flush of colour

An eyeliner is what she picks when she wants to let her outfit do the talking!

Adding colour to her kohl-rimmed eyes, Bebo likes to smudge it out with eyeshadow

And when nothing seems to work, a bold pout is always by her side to make a statement

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