oct 5, 2021

Katrina Kaif’s easy winter fashion 

Katrina Kaif’s winter fashion game is all about outfits and accessories that are easy to style and are hassle free

At home, you will find her lounging in comfy, oversized sweatshirts that are perfect for the city’s not-so-cold winters

Or enjoying the cool weather in a pair of shorts and a hooded sweatshirt!

Kat likes to ace the ongoing trends by sporting a tie-dye sweater top with statement details

But when she’s in cities that are relatively cold, Katrina likes to bundle up in a puffer jacket with a furry hoodie

Turtlenecks seem to be her favourite as she sports one in every colour and silhouette. A white turtleneck sweater dress has been her pick on a couple of occasions

To enjoy her winter stay in a different country, Katrina eases things out by sporting a simple yellow sweater with an oversized silhouette

The actress’ comfy winter look is all about a black turtleneck sweater, black pants and a pair of black boots

Besides turtlenecks, a pair of black ankle-high combat boots remain her choicest footwear pick when it comes to rounding her winter look off

Whether she’s in the city or flying out of the city, Katrina likes to layer up her winter look with either a basic jacket or a stylish overcoat

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