Kriti Sanon's glam eye makeup

Sep 13, 2021

Bold play! Kriti just loves to wear bright lipsticks. Here, she proves it right as the diva opted for a red matte lipstick. She strikes a retro look with a wing liner

Kohled eyes! She keeps it simple by drawing attention towards her eyes. She adds a dash of blush pink over her cheeks and finishes off with a lip gloss

Striking shimmery eyes! She chose to match her eye makeup with her shimmering dress. The shining blue eyeliner on lower lids looks wow!

Drama on! The shimmery green eye shadow looks splendid. The diva puts a hint of it under her lower lids and goes for nude lip colour to balance it off

Smudge it off! Well, this one is easy. All you need is to draw your eyes with kohl. And apply mascara on your eyelids. Lastly, smudge it a little for dramatic appeal

The actress posed in a messy braid hairdo. She accentuated her look by highlighting her upper eyelids with a liner and pink hue over the lips

Green glam! The diva goes for smokey eye makeup. She rounds off her look with subtle colour over her cheeks and lips

The red bindi adorned over her eyebrows gives her a desi look. The actress goes for glow makeup and highlights the eyes with oodles of mascara

Eye-popping! Who would have thought of putting two different coloured eyeliner on lids? She rounds off the look with a coat of mascara over her lashes

Warm brown smokey eyes. The diva drops the loud colours and goes for a subtle & understated look

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