Most COMMON mistakes that make hair greasy

April 06, 2021

Overwashing hair can be counter-productive as it strips your hair off its natural oils. Washing hair too often is the main cause of greasy strands

Not completely getting rid of the conditioner or applying too much of it can make your hair limp and lifeless

Using too many styling products can clog your scalp and not allow the blood to flow properly, causing grease to build up at the roots

If you’re applying conditioner to the roots of your hair, stop immediately! It is only meant to be applied from the mid-lengths to the tips

Experts recommend that the hair first be conditioned followed by a shampoo. This adds volume and shine to the hair

Not changing your pillowcase within 3-4 days also causes the hair to become limp due to the product build up on the case

Conditioner needs a maximum of 3 minutes to do its work. Leaving it on is counter-productive and leaves the hair feeling & looking oily

Using hot water to wash your hair might be soothing, but it leaves the cuticles open. Instead, use lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair

If your hair styling tools are dirty and have not been cleaned in sometime, the oils present in them transfer to your hair making it limp

combing your hair when you're just out of the shower is a no-no. Instead, run a wide-tooth comb through your locks when you’ve applied conditioner

Follow these tips and never have a bad hair day again!

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