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Noah Centineo's fashion choices


Surabhi Redkar

JAN 12, 2023


Image: Getty Images

Teen Choice Throwback

This throwback photo showcases a much younger Noah Centineo attending the Teen Choice Awards in a casual denim avatar

Image: Getty Images

For the premiere event of To All The Boys, Noah Centineo dressed up in a crisp suit and a slim tie and looked absolutely dapper

Suited Up

Image: Getty Images

Noah Centineo made an appearance at one of the events sporting a chequered jacket with a fleece collar

Chequered Jacket

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Image: Getty Images

This look of Noah Centineo from Cinema Con is special as it shows him in his old hairstyle before he became a buzz-cut guy

Cinema Con 

Image: Getty Images

Noah Centineo rocked a simple blue shirt and trousers along with white sneakers for the Comic-Con appearance

Comic-Con Look

Image: Getty Images

Noah Centineo looked stunning at an event for Black Adam as he appeared sporting a brown blazer with matching trousers

Brown Suit

Image: Getty Images

Noah Centineo loves to play around with his looks and we love this casual and comfy outfit he chose for one of the events

Comfy Look

Image: Getty Images

For the Black Adam promotions in London, Noah was seen donning a black jacket over a casual tee and matching pants

London Promotions

Image: Getty Images

For the Black Adam Premiere, Noah Centineo kept it stylish as he wore a blazer jacket and teamed it up with white shoes

Premiere Look

Image: Getty Images

At the premiere of The Recruit, Noah Centineo arrived in a crisp chequered suit and left everyone impressed with his formal look

Chequered Suit

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