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 Priyanshi Shah


july 06, 2024

Perfect haircuts for Monsoon

Image: Freepik

Take advantage of the rainy season’s frizz and waves with a short, layered bob for a chic, messy look

Short layered Bob

Image: Freepik

Add bounce to your bob with layers at the bottom, preventing your hair from looking flat during humid weather

Medium Layered Bob

Image: Freepik

If you like more length, a long bob is perfect. It suits simple braids, and carefree waves, giving you a stylish, textured look

Long Bob

Image: Freepik

A short pixie cut is not just for summer. It’s easy to style and helps avoid frizz, making it a smart choice for wet weather

Short Pixie

Image: Freepik

The rainy season is perfect for trying bangs without worrying about sweat. Experiment with full, baby, see-through, or side bangs for a trendy look

Medium Bob with Bangs

Image: Freepik

Lob with bangs

Combine a long bob with bangs for a chic style. You can keep it messy or straighten it for a polished look

Image: Freepik

Long Locks

Grow your hair long for endless styling possibilities. Try braids, updos, half-up styles, or even play with colors for a fresh look

Image: Freepik

Natural waves get a chic upgrade with long layers, which help control frizz, and add bounce, perfect for a rainy season

Long layered waves

Image: Freepik

Shoulder-length hair offers the best style and is long enough to style but easy to manage

Shoulder-Length hair

Image: Freepik

Rebonding treatment can make short hair sleek and straight, reducing frizz, and making it easier to manage

Short rebonded hair

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