Sonakshi Sinha’s Beauty and Hair Secrets

April 26, 2021

To begin with, Sonakshi Sinha has always believed in the idea that ‘less is more’ for her skin

The actress keeps the use of beauty products minimum and lets her skin breathe naturally

Since Sonakshi has dry skin, staying hydrated has worked wonders for her for the past one year

Besides that, she has begun moisturising her skin before going to bed in order to keep her skin soft and supple

Coming to hair care tips, the diva believes that a mixture of coconut and castor oil is one of the secret remedies for naturally luscious hair

Further, she added that a blend of yogurt and egg whites also help in keeping the dandruff away and the scalp moisturised

Although Sonakshi does not swear by any particular skincare ritual, she ensures to take an aloe vera massage if her skin feels drier than usual

And she has been inspired by her mother to use aloe vera for all the good reasons

When we asked her about the three beauty products that she would always use, Sonakshi revealed that those would be an eyeliner, a matte long-lasting lipstick and concealer

Although Sonakshi herself has naturally beautiful skin, she is a fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s flawless skin

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