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Aditi Singh


june 09, 2024

10 Exciting Activities To Enjoy In Greenland

Experience the thrill of mushing through Greenland's stunning landscapes with a team of sledge dogs; it’s an experience of a lifetime! 

 Dog Sledding

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You can visit from late September to March to witness the mesmerizing display of the Northern lights across the night sky

 Northern Lights Viewing

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Explore Greenland's icy terrain by embarking on a guided glacier hiking expedition; an ideal spot for adventure enthusiasts! 

 Glacier Hiking

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Paddle through pristine waters surrounded by towering icebergs for a truly unforgettable experience


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Take a boat tour to spot majestic whales in Greenland's rich marine ecosystem; a one-of-a-kind experience 

 Whale Watching

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Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an exciting trekking adventure along Greenland's rugged trails, offering breathtaking views of mountains and glaciers


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Visit local communities to learn about Greenlandic culture, traditions, and way of life

 Cultural Significance

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You can relax in natural hot springs surrounded by snow-capped mountains and pristine wilderness for a tranquil experience 

Hot Springs Relaxation

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You can book a helicopter ride to soar above Greenland's vast landscapes for a bird's-eye view of its beautiful scenery

 Helicopter Sightseeing

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 You can engage in fishing activities in Greenland's pristine rivers and coastal waters

Fishing Expeditions

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