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Nikita Vishwakarma


FEBRUARY 12, 2024

10 Flowers to gift on Valentine's

The classic symbol of love and passion, red roses are a timeless choice for Valentine's Day

Red Roses 

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These symbolize gratitude, admiration, and affection, making them a lovely option to express your feelings on Valentine's Day

Pink Carnations 

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With their elegant appearance and variety of colors, tulips perfectly represent love and cheerfulness, making them a charming choice for the occasion


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Exotic and alluring, orchids symbolize love, luxury, and beauty, making them a sophisticated gift for Valentine's Day


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Radiating happiness and warmth, sunflowers symbolize adoration and loyalty, making them a delightful choice to brighten your loved one's day


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Elegant and fragrant, lilies symbolize devotion and purity, making them a meaningful gift to express your love on Valentine's Day


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Vibrant and cheerful, gerbera daisies symbolize innocence and happiness, making them a perfect choice for Valentine's Day

Gerbera Daisies 

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With its calming fragrance and soothing color, lavender symbolizes devotion and serenity, making it a thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day


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Romantic and lush, peonies symbolize prosperity and romance, making them a luxurious choice to convey your affection on Valentine's Day


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Elegant and graceful, calla lilies symbolize purity and passion, making them a sophisticated and symbolic gift for Valentine's Day

Calla Lilies 

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