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Priyanshi Shah


june 16, 2024

10 fun first wedding anniversary ideas

Book a cozy cabin or beachside getaway for cherished moments and have heart-to-heart talks

Romantic getaway

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Write heartfelt letters to open together in the future, symbolizing growth as a couple

Love letter capsules

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Plan a romantic evening with candles, music, and dance under the stars

Surprise date night

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Organize a scavenger hunt with love notes and surprises for added excitement

Love notes adventure

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Enjoy a peaceful boat ride together in between the calm nature and celebrating quality time

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Boat ride

Give custom-made gifts symbolizing your unique bond and journey together

Personalzied presents

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Go on thrilling activities together enjoying hiking or zip-lining creating lasting memories 

Adventurous day-out

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Create a scrapbook filled with cherished photos and handwritten notes

Memory lane scrapbook

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Remember wedding day

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Relive your special day by recreating some wedding day moments and feeling how time passes

Bake a cake together, savoring sweet moments and creating delicious memories

Baking bonding

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