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 Priyanshi Shah


june 04, 2024

10 North Indian Dishes to Savor

Try this creamy tomato-based curry cooked with tender tikka chicken, cashew nut paste, and loads of butter and fresh cream

Butter Chicken

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Savor this spicy red meat curry - Laal Maas made with mutton, yogurt, Red Mathania chilies, served with hot Bajra and rice

Laal Maas

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This popular street food from Punjab and Delhi - Chole Bhature is prepared with chickpeas seasoned with spices, and tastes best with crispy bhaturas

Chole Bhature

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This slow-cooked mutton curry infused with aromatic spices, known for its flavorful taste, is best combined with pulao

Mutton Rogan Josh

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Made with spinach and paneer, the palak paneer dish is a delicious curry with simple spices, served with roti or peas pulao

Palak Paneer

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This famous North Indian dish features kidney beans cooked in a masala gravy of onion, tomatoes, and spices, served with steamed rice and salad

Rajma Chawal

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A traditional sweet treat made with rice flour, milk, sugar, and dry fruits, Phirni is a popular dessert served in a mud kulhad


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This popular North Indian sweet dish, Kheer is a rice pudding cooked with spices like saffron and cardamom, along with milk, cream, and sugar


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A perfect summer dish, Dahi Bhalla features soft dal vadas topped with curd, chutney, spices, and fresh coriander leaves

Dahi Bhalla

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This perfect and hot evening time snack, Aloo Samosa has potato stuffing mixed with spices

Aloo samosa

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