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JUNE 30, 2024

10 Places to visit in Jaisalmer

Known as 'Sonar Quila,' it's a rare living fort with palaces, hotels, temples, and shops, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Jaisalmer Fort

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An ornate 18th-century complex, also called the 'Mansion of Brocade Merchants,' featuring five intricately decorated havelis, facing the majestic Jaisalmer Fort.

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 Patwon ki Haveli

Dating back to the 12th and 15th centuries within the Jaisalmer Fort, these temples dedicated to Jain Tirthankars boast intricate architecture, and nearby Lodurva Jain Temple honors Lord Parshvanath

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 Jain Temples

Situated within Jaisalmer Fort, this palace-turned-museum offers a glimpse into the regal lifestyle of the royal family from bygone eras

 Maharaja's Palace

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A historic man-made lake, initially a conservation reservoir by Maharwal Gadi Singh, transformed into a scenic spot over time

Gadisar Lake

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A 16th-century garden complex on Ramgarh Road, known for its beautifully carved royal cenotaphs, overlooking lush mango groves

Bada Bagh

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A 19th-century architectural delight in the heart of Jaisalmer, showcasing a fusion of Islamic and Rajasthani styles with stunning yellow sandstone work

Nathmal ki Haveli

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An antique architectural masterpiece built by Salim Singh Mahto, featuring 35 beautifully decorated balconies, around 300 years old

Salim Singh ki Haveli

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Jaisalmer in Rajasthan attracts tourists with vast desert sands, offering popular Desert Safaris at Sam Sand Dunes

 Desert safari in Jaisalmer

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 Kuldhara village

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Kuldhara, an abandoned village 20 km from Jaisalmer, was left overnight by its people to protect their honor from a tyrannical minister, making it a popular attraction for exploring

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