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Mohit K Dixit


January 28, 2024

10 signs if a shy girl likes you

If she blushes while having a conversation with you, it is a subtle sign of her inner feelings towards you 


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When a shy girl has an interest in you, she will go to great lengths to learn more about you 

Growing Curiosity

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She secretly glances over at you, thinking no one else notices. Her heart races with affection towards you, and she can't help but admire your every move

Looking at you secretly

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There's something about the way she laughs at your jokes — even the not-so-funny ones — it makes you feel special

Laughing at your bad jokes

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As soon as she realizes you caught her gaze fixed on you, she abruptly averts her eyes in embarrassment

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Turns Away Her Gaze Quickly

If you notice a cheerful grin on her face whenever she's in your presence, it’s a telltale sign that she likes you and is happy to be near you

Smiles while talking to you 

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A shy girl might feel more comfortable talking to you through texts instead of face-to-face. She might open up more in her messages

Texts more and talks less

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She might give you hints on her social media if she is interested in you. She might mention things you like, such as lyrics from your favorite song, or tag you in a quote

Dropping Hints

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Nervous around you

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If a girl who is usually calm suddenly becomes fidgety and says things that don't make sense, it means she likes you 

If you find her friends giggling or teasing her or you when you both are together, it is a huge sign she is in love with you

Friends Teasing

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