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Jiya Surana 


july 06, 2024

10 Signs that you need self-care

Honestly, there is no difference between any day of the week for you

Every day feels the same

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If you're hitting the snooze more than twice, you need a reason to want to get up

You drag your feet getting out of bed

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Is that because you're not taking care of yourself or because you've lost touch with who you really are?

You don't like what you see in the mirror

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Avoiding social interactions or isolating yourself may indicate a need to reconnect with yourself and others through self-care practices

Social Withdrawal

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All your stories when talking to anyone are about how hard you work and how bad you have it

You are in the competition of ‘who's got it worse’

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When you feel jealous if something good happens to someone else or they're having fun, it's because there isn't enough good fun in your life

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You are envious of others

You are simply trying to remember too much; stop telling yourself you're crazy or getting dementia

You are distracted & forgetful

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You're really overwhelmed, so stop berating yourself for not being perfect

You are too hard on yourself

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Frequent illnesses or a weakened immune system can be a sign that your body is run down and in need of care and attention

Decreased Immunity

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If you find yourself easily annoyed or frustrated, it might be a sign that you need to take a break and focus on self-care

Increased Irritability

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