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Jiya Surana 


june 28, 2024

10 signs you have fake friends

They're only around when things are good for them. Need help moving? They're busy

Fair-weather friend

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Conversations are all about them. They might not even ask how you're doing, or they might change the subject as soon as you start talking about yourself

Selfish talker

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They cancel plans often, sometimes with lame excuses. You can't rely on them to show up or follow through

Flaky friend

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They love spreading rumors or talking bad about other people. You can't trust them to keep your secrets safe

Gossip monger

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They might say something nice, but it comes with a sting

Backhanded compliments

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They get threatened by your successes. Instead of being happy for you, they might try to downplay your achievements

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Jealousy machine

They always seem to be in some kind of trouble. Being friends with them feels more draining than exciting

Drama magnet

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They never take responsibility for their mistakes. They'll always find a way to turn things around and make it your fault

Blame game player

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They constantly let you down by not following through on what they say they'll do

Broken promises

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Feeling drained

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After spending time with them, you feel worse instead of better. A real friend should lift you up, not bring you down

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