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Mohit K Dixit


april 02, 2024

10 Signs your Partner is selfish 

If your partner never urges to compromise on anything and always puts his desire on priority then it's a clear sign 


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If he doesn't care about your feelings and doesn't put any effort to make things work then it can be a sign of his selfishness 

No efforts to fix things that makes you upset 

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If doesn't consider you and your choices while making any plans of going out then it's a clear sign 

Making Plans without Considering you 

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If he always gives you excuses about being too busy and couldn't make time for you and then enjoying a movie or chilling with friends, it's a big sign of his selfishness 

Always making excuses

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They may expect attention and care from you and don't bother to return the same. This one-sided approach is a sign of being selfish

Lack of reciprocation

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They always talk about themselves and prioritize ‘me time’ rather ‘we time’ 

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Self-Centered Conversation 

If your partner take all decision by own without even considering your needs, it's a clear red flag 

Took all decision alone

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If your partner lacks empathy to understand you then it's a major sign 

Lack of empathy

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If they treat themselves like they never make any mistake and are always right then it's a major sign 

They think they are always right

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Selfish lovers often become controlling in relationship and always want you to beg in every small argument 

They Are Controlling

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