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Jiya Surana 


may 27, 2024

10 Steps To Achieve Deep Focus

Minimize interruptions by turning off notifications or leaving your phone in another room, closing unnecessary browser tabs, and finding a quiet Workplace

Eliminate Distractions

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A Productive day starts the night before

Plan for Tomorrow

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Organize your tasks by priority to work on the most important items when your energy levels and focus are highest

Prioritise Tasks

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Take one task at a time. Society and corporate culture glorify this. The reality is multi-tasking does not work

Don't Multitask 

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Poor Sleep affects your mind, body, and soul. No screens two hours before sleep

Sleep 7+ Hours

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This might include decluttering your desk, optimizing lighting, and using noise-cancelling headphones if needed

Set up a distraction-free environment

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Work for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. Divide your work into intervals to enhance focus

Use Pomodoro Technique

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Define clearly what you want to accomplish during your deep work session. having clear objectives will give you clear direction and purpose

Set Clear Goals

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Take care of your physical well-being by staying hydrated and fueling your body with nutritious snacks

Stay hydrated and energized

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Engage in mindfulness exercises, like meditation or breathing techniques, to train your mind to stay focused

Mindfulness practices

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