Nov 21, 2021

10 Tips for healthy beard growth 


In order to stimulate new hair growth, you should exfoliate your skin once a week, using a scrub or an exfoliant

Exfoliate your skin

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Since clean and clear skin encourages small hair to grow, you need to wash it regularly with warm water and a gentle cleanser

Cleanse regularly

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Always pick your beard cleanser according to your skin type and ensure that that the product won’t clog your pores

Picking the right cleanser

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Grooming involves basic and easy steps like brushing or combing the beard in regular intervals. Therefore, make sure that you do not skip this basic grooming step


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For a soft and shiny beard, condition it regularly with the right beard oil

Condition regularly

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For good beard health, beard cream is essential as it helps soothe beard itch, dryness and keeps beards bright, and looking healthy

Beard cream

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For beards past the 2 weeks scruff phase, beard oil helps in softening the beard and restores the moisture

Beard oil

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It is essential to include vitamins and supplements in your diet to ensure your beard grows quickly and stays healthy

Vitamins intake

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If your aim is to grow a thick and healthy beard, ensure that you are getting enough rest each night, working out regularly, and eating a balanced diet

Healthy lifestyle

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