Tips to reduce puffiness around your eyes

Sep 13, 2021

Keep yourself well hydrated. It will help in reducing water retention under the eye and flush off toxins from your body

For a quick fix, use a chilled teaspoon, green tea bags, or chamomile tea bags. It will provide relief from swollen irritated eyes in no time

You can also take slices of potato or cucumber and keep it on your eyes. These vegetables aid in the reduction of inflammation and help tighten the skin

Do apply an eye cream that helps in repairing and replenishing your skin around the eyes

Pamper yourself with an eye mask before going to bed. It can do wonders to your skin

Massage the skin around your eyes with almond oil as it promotes healing by boosting the blood circulation around the area

Cut down on your salt consumption, as a diet high in salt could lead to fluid retention around the eyes

Glide a face roller around the skin to reduce puffiness in a jiff

Do not forget to dab a bit of sunscreen before you step out in the sun as direct exposure to sunlight can give rise to different skin problems

Indulge in some facial exercise as it will help to reduce the signs of ageing and give a youthful glow

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