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 Mohit K Dixit 


may 28, 2024

10 Ways to beat overthinking 

Decide within a specific timeframe to avoid overthinking 

Set time limits for making decisions

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Break your daily tasks and focus on taking one step at a time

Break tasks into smaller steps 

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Dedicate a few minutes each day to quiet & calm your mind 

Practice mindfulness daily

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Question negative thoughts and consider positive perspectives 

 Challenge negative thoughts

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Set boundaries on how much information you consume

Limit information intake

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Acknowledge and appreciate positive aspects of life daily

Cultivate gratitude regularly

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Regular exercise reduces stress and clears the mind 

 Engage in physical activity

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If it's a YES then "yes", if NO then it's a complete "no". Set limits to prevent overthinking and stress

 Establish clear boundaries

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Surround yourself with positivity. Stay away from negative people

 Positive Environment 

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Make sure to keep yourself busy to avoid overthinking 

Try to be busy

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