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Jiya Surana 


june 1, 2024

10 ways to develop growth mindset

Be aware of your current mindset. How do you talk to yourself when you face a challenge?


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See failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. Instead of saying "I can't do this", say “I'm not good at it yet, but I can learn”

Reframe failure

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Pay attention to how successful people think and act. Learn from their experiences and apply what you learn in your own life

Learn from others

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Focus on the effort you put in rather than the outcome. Celebrate your hard work and perseverance

Effort over outcome

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Step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Growth happens outside of your comfort zone

Embrace challenges

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Use growth mindset language in your self-talk. Instead of saying "I am bad at this", say "I am still learning it”

Growth mindset language

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Develop grit

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Don't give up easily. Develop the perseverance to keep going even when things get tough

Having a strong sense of purpose can help you stay motivated and keep moving forward

Find a purpose

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Focus on the learning and growth process, not just the end goal

Value your journey

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Set goals that challenge you to learn and improve, not just maintain the status quo

Set growth goals

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