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Mohit K Dixit


july 09, 2024

10 Ways to keep a conversation going

Repeat a key word or phrase they've used and ask them to elaborate. For example, "You mentioned your trip to Italy was amazing. What made it so special?"

Use Follow-Up Questions

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When they tell a story, share a similar experience of your own to keep the conversation going. For example, "That's interesting! Something similar happened to me last year when I was traveling..”

Share a Related Story

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Show curiosity by asking for more details about something they mentioned. For example, "That project sounds fascinating. Can you tell me more about the challenges you faced?"

Ask for Details

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Bring up topics or stories from previous conversations. For example, "Last time we talked, you mentioned you were starting a new job. How's that going?”

Reference Past Conversations

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Ask about their future plans or aspirations to keep the conversation forward-looking. For example, "What are you most looking forward to in the next few months?"

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Discuss Future Plans

Make statements that show you're truly interested in what they're saying. For example, "I never knew that about you! Tell me more about how you got into that hobby

Express Genuine Interest

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If the current topic is fading, gently steer the conversation to a related topic. For example, "Speaking of your guitar class, have you ever attended any music exhibitions?" 

Introduce New Topics Gradually

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Show enthusiasm and positive reactions to their stories. For example, "Wow, that sounds amazing! How did you feel when that happened?” 

React Positively

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Encourage Them to Ask Questions

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Invite them to ask you questions to create a back-and-forth dialogue. For example, "I've been talking a lot about my trip. What about you? Have you traveled anywhere exciting recently?”

Try to clear your doubts by asking them and showing genuine curiosity 

Raise Your Doubts

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