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 Jiya Surana 


june 04, 2024

8 GI-Tagged products from Telangana 

Telangana boasts a treasure chest of hidden gems waiting to be discovered

Hidden gem

Image Credits: Freepik

Explore 8 unique Gl-tagged products that beautifully showcase the state's rich artistic heritage and craftsmanship 

Heritage products 

Image Credits: Freepik

Crafted with thin silver wires, featuring delicate and intricate floral and geometric designs

Silver Filigree

Image Credits: Freepik

Made with bold, local motifs, the paintings depict mythological stories and folk traditions

Cheriyal Paintings

Image: Cheriyal Paintings Instagram 

Bangles made from natural resin, adorned with intricate designs, dating back to the era of the Nizams

Hyderabad Lac Bangle

Image Credits: Freepik

Cotton sarees, known for their unique weaving techniques, intricate designs, and vibrant colors

Siddipet Gollabhama

Image Credits: Freepik

Features vibrant colors, traditional borders, and a unique method of weaving eight sarees together on a single loom

Narayanpet Handloom Sarees

Image: vedhasvarnam Instagram 

Sustainable cotton rugs featuring angular motifs, vibrant colors, and tie-dyed ikat or kalamkari designs

Warangal Durries

Image Credits: Freepik

A metal casting technique used to makeidols, bells, jewellery, and other decorative items

Adilabad Dokra

Image Credits: Freepik

The tie-dye technique uses oil to treat the yarn, retaining softness and creating a cooling effect

Puttapaka Telia Rumal

Image Credits: Freepik

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