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Priyanshi Shah


JUly 02, 2024

9 Places to visit at night in Pune

This 18th-century memorial, dedicated to Maratha leader Mahadji Shinde, looks even more beautiful at night 

Shinde Chhatri

Image: IMDb 

This lively area is perfect for a night out with its array of restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, and shopping centers

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Koregaon Park

Ideal for camping enthusiasts, Velhe offers a serene escape with star-gazing, campfire, and night treks to Torna Fort, the heart of the Maratha Empire

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Known for its scenic beauty and as a filming location, Bhor is great for camping, trekking, bonfires and BBQs


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Perfect for lakeside camping, Pawna Lake offers stunning views, campfires, BBQs, and stargazing creating an enjoyable overnight experience

Pawna Lake

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Enjoy live music at popular spots where you can enjoy soul-stirring performances and great drinks

Live Gig Venues

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Pune’s nightlife thrives in its pubs and bars, where you can unwind with friends over delicious cocktails and great food

Pubs and Bars

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 Satisfy your midnight cravings at late-night eateries where they serve delicious dishes

Late night restaurants

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Plan a trek to Parvati Hill which features a fascinating fort built by the Pashwa ruler

Parvati Hill

Image: Freepik

So, If you’re bored lying in bed then visit these amazing places in Pune are perfect for a lively experience


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