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Arpita Sarkar


MAR 12, 2023

Aries-Leo: Signs Who Are Foodies

Leos are food lovers. Good food is the key to a happy Leo

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Aries love food. They are not afraid to try new foods and are not afraid of being grossed out. However, they do not like the same foods all the time. Aries has a voracious appetite for all that life has to offer


Scorpios are all for home-cooked food. They like the fact that home-cooked food is real, authentic and made with love

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Virgos are ultimate foodies. If you're visiting a city and want to know where to eat, ask a Virgo

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The one that makes the most of the foodie zodiac sign is Taurus

A Pisces loves food. Eating good food and resting is their favourite pass time. Be it experimenting with new flavours to exploring a variety of dishes, a Pisces is always up for it


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You can mostly find them in fancy restaurants and events with the perfect plate of taste and subtlety in them

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The Capricorns have good eating habits. They have timely meals, don't like to be disturbed while eating, and prefer to have nutritious food 

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A Sagittarius is also a true food lover. They will never share their food, not that they are misers, but they follow the mantra of keeping good food close to their hearts

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They love to explore new tastes and flavors of various cuisines

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