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Arpita Sarkar


MAR 08, 2023

Aries-Leo: Signs Who Don’t Value Texting

Aries usually have no issue getting things done, but if a reply from them lags, it's probably because they don't consider your text a priority

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They crave an intimacy that texting cannot deliver. Well, they love to interact with friends and will respond to text


They might not reply right away but they don't expect you too either. When they respond, however, they'll do it enthusiastically

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People born under this sign constantly second-guess themselves, so even if they start to reply right away, they'll end up drafting a dozen different messages before deleting them all

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Those born under this sign spend most of their time daydreaming, and answering texts can feel like a real chore for them

Aquarius do not ignore texts unless they are worried with something 

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Capricorns tend to view texting as a practical necessity in the modern world, but not the ideal way to communicate

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Virgos tend to use texting as a lead-in to meeting in person rather than as a replacement for it, so tell them about your life while leaving out some major details. They will be eager to see you face-to-face and learn more

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They are a brilliant communicator and a total charmer, but texting is not for them

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Taureans really hate texting, and it's not just because they're kind of lazy. Those born under this earth sign are all about face-to-face communication

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