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Pakhi Jain


MAR 07, 2023

Aries to Pisces: Signs who love fitness

They do not step back from an intense workout regime. They love to challenge themselves and are always ready to try something new

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They love being relaxed, so activities like yoga, pilates and hiking is what keeps them engaged


They love to stay fit. Activities like gymnastics, cycling, swimming, aerobics, dancing, and tennis are ideal for them

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They always look for a company to work out with, mostly a romantic partner with similar interests so that they can stay fit together

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They love fitness and not just weightlifting but sports as well. They are big sports enthusiasts and team players

They love experimenting with their workout. They try something new very often as one routine becomes monotonous for them

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They love the idea of working out but can hardly make time for it. They love indulging in adventure sports which makes them happier rather than working out

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They believe in either an intensive workout or no workout at all. They love pushing themselves to go the extra mile

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Even on the busiest day, they take out time to work out as it gives them peace. They will carry their sports shoes even on a vacation

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They are passionate about their workouts and feel restless if they miss their work out even for a day. For them healthy eating and exercising go hand in hand

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